Fresh Canned Help | FILM

Fresh Canned Help | FILM

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Pardon Media

In this heartfelt satirical comedy, Dr. Alice Grey is a troubled therapist overseeing her many problematic patients. Struggling to find the first step toward helping them, doubt and uncertainty comes into play when everyone seems to resort to quick fixes as means of fulfillment. As one of Alice’s patients spirals out of control only to blame the helping hand, Alice questions not only her professional sanity but also her personal well-being. Seeking guidance from Dr. Martin, a wisely yet erratic therapist, Alice sits in on his group sessions only to witness the most bizarre of methods which oddly enough prove effective.

Official selection: Phoenix Film Festival 2010

"Jeff is an outstanding director with especially outstanding cinematographic talent. He’s very easy to work with and has a unique ability to create very interesting camera shots. He’s thorough, so if there is something that isn’t quite right, he’s going to make sure that his work is of the highest quality. He’ll persist until a shot and scene is just right. I’d work again with Jeff any time."

-— John Sipple, Actor