Le Femme, Le Meow | FILM

Le Femme, Le Meow | FILM

Produced, Directed, Edited, and Cinematography by Pardon Media

After a mischievous cat causes one mishap after the next, her owner is left to challenge the kitty to a friendly competition.
 This silent surreal comedy about a girl and her cat calls on the reminder to be present in our relationships, 
appreciating our companions for both their flaws and strengths.

Featured on OPB’s 2015 Oregon Lens Television Program

"I have acted for Jeff Goldstein in a film he made. I found him to be organized, focused, and a joy to work for. He had the ability to manage the details as they applied to the whole focus of the project, while remaining faithful to the film. I would gladly work with Jeff again, and have great expectations for his success."

-— Stephen Gresser, Actor