Number 10 | FILM

Number 10 | FILM

Cinematography and Co-Edited by Pardon Media

A cold blooded hit-man has a change of heart after he fails to kill his next victim.

Created for the 2013 Portland 48 Hour Film Project
Featured on OPB’s 2014 Oregon Lens Television Program

Awards: Best Cinematography (Jeff Goldstein) – Portland 48 Hour Film Project 2013
Best Music (Erik Dicksen) – Portland 48 Hour Film Project 2013

"Jeff is an extremely skilled cinematographer. Having done 5 films with Dream Reality Films so far (including one that was shown at Cannes in 2011), it was a shocker when we lost our cinematographer. I suggested Jeff to director Aaron Toy and he slid right into place to do a seamless job, incredibly precise and creative. So good in fact, that our film won BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at this year’s Portland 48 Hour Film Project. Jeff is a true pro…and were lucky to have him."

-— Todd Tolces, Actor